Who are we?

We are a small team with big ambitions. We are building a collaborative product for teams who need visual content at high scale and speed. Today, high-growth unicorn startups feel this need acutely. Eventually, we believe every business will need our product to communicate effectively with their users.

Adobe, Canva, Figma, and many others have done a phenomenal job in making design an important part of business operations. Instead of solving problems they have already solved, we focus on problems no one has solved yet:-

  1. Building a scale-first design product

  2. Making the product equally usable by designers and non-designers

  3. Focusing not only on the design but also its deployment and impact

Only by solving these three challenges can we help our customers become successful because they all ultimately value growth. And growth is literally in our name. 👇

What does “Rocketium” mean?

Rocketium (“Rocket” + “ium”) is a fictional element with the properties of a rocket. 🚀 Elements lend their properties to objects in which they are present abundantly. Our goal is to give the properties of a rocket (growth, change, ambition, positivity) to everyone we work with.

What do we write about?

Most of what we are doing is uncharted territory for us and our customers. We intend to discover the challenges and solutions to it together. We will use this space to share our lessons and our journey.